Philadelphia Bankruptcy filing gets a Drivers License Reinstated

If person’s drivers license is suspended due to an unpaid judgment please be aware of the following, a Philadelphia Bankruptcy filing gets a drivers license reinstated. This allows a person to drive again.

A person came to us wanting to work again as a Truck Driver. In order to obtain the job, he needed to have a drivers license. Unfortunately he had driven a car with no insurance which wound up getting into an auto accident. The driver of the other car obtained a judgment against our client. The judgment had to be paid and when our client missed the payments, he found himself with a suspended drivers license.

As a result he turned to us to ask what he could do We recommended that he file Bankruptcy. Based on his situation a general rule is that a Philadelphia Bankruptcy filing gets a drivers license reinstated, whether filing under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.Our client was no longer was required to pay the judgment.

Within a week after the filing of the Bankruptcy filing under Chapter 7 the suspension of the Drivers license was lifted. Our client was able to pay the reinstatement fee to get back his drivers license.This a perfect example of the Bankruptcy being used for the purpose of allowing a person to get back to a normal life. No repayment of the debt was required. This person had no alternative to filing bankruptcy. He did not have the money to pay the creditor and could not get the job he needed without his drivers license being reinstated. This was the case a struggling individual who made the decision to file and got the results he wanted. The Philadelphia Bankruptcy filing gets a drivers license reinstated.

The Federal Bankruptcy code provides a remedy for dealing with judgments. Please note that this remedy does not apply if the accident was the result of a DUI. The Bankruptcy code provides an exception for injuries which result from one driving under the influence and certain other situations. In addition filing for relief under Bankruptcy can help with traffic tickets in some cases. If your license is suspended please call The Law Offices of David M. Offen at 215-625-9600. We can tell you if Filing Bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can help your situation.


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