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Philadelphia Bankruptcy Client Case Studies

23 Bankruptcy Client Case Studies where Bankruptcy Helped Individuals and Families to Get a Better Life

Read our Real Bankruptcy Client Case Studies to see how we have helped people that have been in your particular situation or a similar situation. We have examples showing how we deal with credit card debt, personal loans, stop car repossession, wipe out judgments, and other situations. In many cases, we have been able to substantially lower the amount paid to the banks and credit card companies, reduce the interest on the car payments, get additional time and/or reduce the amount which has to be paid on monies owed to the I.R.S. for taxes, lowered the interest rate or completely eliminated interest on the debt, stopped foreclosures on a home, gotten up to 5 years to catch up on mortgages or real estate taxes and thereby prevented foreclosure and in some cases reduced the monthly mortgage payment.
We have been able to help people keep a car or walk away from a very expensive car payment which they no longer wanted and could not afford, get rid of an expensive and unwanted timeshare which they no longer wanted, and make no more payments on the mortgage on the rental home, and make no more payments on the timeshare.

Credit Card Debt and Loan Debt Too High

Stopping Home Mortgage Foreclosure

Stopping Car Repossession

Wipe Out Judgments

Delinquent I.R.S. Taxes and Real Estate Taxes

Other Debt Situations, Timeshares, and Rental Homes

Previous Bankruptcy Filing

These cases are real Bankruptcy client case studies that we have actually had in our office. Bankruptcy is able to help many many types of financial situations. We have many more Bankruptcy client cases examples of cases in which we have been able to help individuals get a fresh start and enjoy life again. To find out how Bankruptcy can help your situation call the Law Offices of David M. Offen at 215-625-9600 to discuss your situation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Philadelphia.

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