How to Choose the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer for your Case

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision and it is important that you know how to choose the right Bankruptcy Lawyer for your case. Although it is an excellent way for honest people to get a financial fresh start, it is still a trying time for many people. In addition, the bankruptcy process is complicated  … Read more

6 Tips for Managing the Emotional Stress of Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy is an excellent solution for honest people who are in tough financial situations. It provides a fresh start, allowing you to move forward with a clean slate. For many people, the actual process of filing for bankruptcy, with its complicated rules and red tape, is easier to handle than the flood of emotions surrounding  … Read more

Bankruptcy Considerations for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner coping with mountains of debt, you might wonder whether bankruptcy is the best option. Small business bankruptcy is more complex than personal bankruptcy, and the repercussions can be different. It is important to fully understand the different types of small business bankruptcies and the potential ramifications of each  … Read more

Discharge of Unemployment Overpayment in Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania

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As a general rule, the Bankruptcy Code permits the discharge of unemployment overpayments when you file for Bankruptcy. These payments are usually treated as an unsecured debt and are dischargeable. This is the case whether you file for protection under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania debt for the  … Read more

Philadelphia Bankruptcy filing gets a Drivers License Reinstated

If person’s drivers license is suspended due to an unpaid judgment please be aware of the following, a Philadelphia Bankruptcy filing gets a drivers license reinstated. This allows a person to drive again. A person came to us wanting to work again as a Truck Driver. In order to obtain the job, he needed to  … Read more