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25 Things Bankruptcy Can Do For You


Our bankruptcy attorneys have heard the following remarks from hundreds of bankruptcy clients over the last 20+ years, including lawyers and court employees that our firm has represented. Bankruptcy can help in more ways than most people realize. Don’t have regrets that you didn’t learn what your options are before it is too late. You have bankruptcy questions and we have answers.

25 things most people don’t know bankruptcy can help with

We often hear the following remarks from our bankruptcy clients: “I didn’t know that filing bankruptcy can or could …”
  1. “stop a mortgage foreclosure.”
  2. “help me to save my car.”
  3. “get back my repossessed car.”
  4. “wipe out my credit card bills.”
  5. “wipe out my personal loans.”
  6. “wipe out my credit union loans.”
  7. “wipe out my medical bills.”
  8. “wipe out my utility bills.”
  9. “stop my water, gas and electric from being shut off.”
  10. “stop all the lawsuits against me.”
  11. “put an end to all the collection calls.”
  12. “stop a sale of my home for back real estate taxes.”
  13. “help me live a normal life once again.”
  14. “help me with taxes owed to the I.R.S.”
  15. “help me with taxes owed to the state and the City.”
  16. “stop a real estate tax sale of my home.”
  17. “wipe out parking tickets in Philadelphia.”
  18. “help wipe out a judgment against my drivers license.”
  19. “be so powerful and what good it could accomplish for me.”
  20. “be done even though I am up to date on all my bills.”
  21. “be done even though I am employed and earn a very good salary.”
  22. “save my home.”
  23. “put me at ease overnight.”
  24. “make all the difference when I file.”
  25. “cause a creditor to be ordered to pay me if they violate the bankruptcy.”

5 things our clients say they should have done before talking to us to avoid bankruptcy mistakes

  1. “I should have never taken money out of my retirement or 401K plan.”
  2. “Why didn’t someone let me know this before I used up all of my retirement money when there was a much better option.”
  3. “I should have come in to see you much earlier. I should have asked what are the different bankruptcy options.”
  4. “I should have come in a year earlier, before I made so many bankruptcy mistakes.”
  5. “If I would have known what bankruptcy could accomplish, I would have never gotten involved in a debt counseling program and thrown away and wasted so much money.”

Don’t Delay – Find out how a Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney can help you

If you don’t take action to find out, you will never know what bankruptcy could do for you. Get the correct bankruptcy information. Call the bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Offices of David M. Offen today to get answers about how your life can be improved and what a bankruptcy filing can do for you. Find out all your options about how bankruptcy works and what it can really accomplish for you.  Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better off you are. To learn about bankruptcy call today for a FREE Consultation – so you won’t also come in and say, “I wish I had come in sooner to see you.”
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