Reasons Not to File Bankruptcy

The following are examples of some individuals that we met whom we did not file bankruptcy for.

  1.  A person had taken out credit cards under different social security numbers because his credit was bad under one number and then he intentionally changed his social security number on credit applications to obtain additional credit cards.
  2.  A person who charged tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise – gave all the merchandise away to his friend and then came in to file bankruptcy right after giving away all of his merchandise.
  3.  A person who was accused of intentionally and willfully defrauding many creditors.
  4.  A person transferred his home, his automobile and his possessions to a relative within the previous month and then wanted to immediately file Bankruptcy.
  5.  A person who is expecting to incur a large amount of medical expenses in the near future.
  6.  There are other times in which filing a Bankruptcy is not the best move. We can advise you as the right move to make in your situation.
As your representative we guide you every step of the way in filing your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We make sure you are prepared and that you know what to expect so there are no surprises, and we help you address any issues you may have before or after filing.