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How to Respond to a Foreclosure Lawsuit in Philadelphia


foreclosure summons in philadelphiaFor many people, there is nothing worse than the thought of receiving a foreclosure lawsuit. While this may be a scary time in your life, you don’t want to panic. You need to remain calm,  and determine which steps to take next.

Despite the fact that this is a serious situation, it does not mean you are losing your home to foreclosure just yet. If you take the right steps in the near future, you may be able to avoid this process and remain in your home indefinitely.

When you are behind on your mortgage and not doing anything to rectify the situation, it will only be a matter of time before you receive a foreclosure lawsuit is filed against you.  Prior to filing of the lawsuit, you may receive a Notice of Intention to Foreclose or a letter indicating that you are in arrears on your mortgage and need to get caught up.

Shortly after the lawsuit is filed, a copy of the lawsuit should be delivered to you.  If it is unable to be delivered to you , the creditor can file a motion with the court to allow service by posting on the property and by mail.

What to do Next

Although you may be tempted to hide the foreclosure lawsuit and hope for the best, this is a mistake. You have put yourself in a bad situation, but you still have time to make things right.

As you read through the lawsuit, it indicates how much time you have to respond.  In Philadelphia the Court of Common Pleas has also been holding conciliation conferences to attempt to work out  an arrangement with your lender so that you can cure the delinquency.

Hire an Attorney

When you respond to a foreclosure lawsuit in Philadelphia without professional assistance, there is a chance you could make an error that leads to additional challenges down the road.

With the help of an attorney you can craft the appropriate answer to prevent a default judgment from being entered against you.

This is when you really need a Philadelphia foreclosure defense attorney by your side. During your hearing, you are given the chance to settle on an arrangement with the lender. From a short sale to a loan modification, there are steps you can take to avoid foreclosure.

Don’t think the worst if you receive a foreclosure lawsuit in Philadelphia. Read it carefully to determine where the process stands, contact an attorney, and devise a strategy for saving your home.  The earlier you act the more options that you have.

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