One of the main concerns with all clients that come into our office are the costs and fees associated with filing for bankruptcy. We recognize that if you are contemplating bankruptcy it is likely that you do not have a lot of money to pay a bankruptcy attorney so we have affordable fees and a payment plan.

I get asked several times a day how much I charge to file bankruptcy. This is of course an important and legitimate concern – how much does it cost to get relief from all my debts? I wish it was that simple and I could just give a simple price, but unfortunately, bankruptcy filing is not a “one size fits all” – at least not when the bankruptcy case is properly handled .

We do not represent wealthy people. On the contrary, our clients are hardworking and honest individuals who have encountered financial difficulties, so we make every effort to work with each person. We have Payment Plans available to help you as needed. Our law firm has assisted thousands of clients because we are easy to work with and make simple arrangements to help you get the case filed.

After retaining us you can stop paying any creditors that you plan on including in your bankruptcy. You can also refer any of your creditor calls to our law office.

Factors that determine our Affordable Fees

The attorney fees to file the bankruptcy vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Which chapter is being filed
  • Complexity of the case (which includes potential issues with assets, liabilities, exemptions, analysis of dischargeability)
  • Number of creditors
  • Type of debt
  • Means test analysis
  • Required and anticipated issues and problems with the bankruptcy case

There is simply no way to give a fee quote without knowing all the relevant facts of your individual case.

Beware of Fixed Fee Bankruptcy Attorneys

If an attorney gives you a fee quote without first going over the specific facts in your situation and determining which Chapter and type of bankruptcy you are eligible for and is best for you, you have cause to be very wary.

The only way to give you an accurate quote is to have a consultation which we offer free of charge. In many cases, I can give you a fee quote over the phone after a brief conversation, after I ask you some questions. I always need to have some information though about your situation, before quoting you a price.

Questions to ask your Bankruptcy Attornery

When selecting a bankruptcy attorney to represent your interests, you need to ask yourself several important questions in addition to an inquiry regarding the legal fees;

  • Am I comfortable with this attorney?
  • Does this attorney have the right level of experience and expertise to handle any problems or situations that may arise in my case ?
  • Does this attorney provide a written retainer agreement or a list of services specifically outlining what is covered for your fees?
  • Does this attorney outline their specific responsibilities to you?(You are entitled to a written agreement so that you know exactly what services you are receiving).

Our Free Consultation only takes minutes

However, sometimes Bankruptcy is not the best option or the right solution and better results can be obtained without filing bankruptcy. That is why we never charge you to come in and discuss your situation. We always offer a free consultation.

Based on the reviews and testimonials written by my clients over the last 20 years, I believe I have been pretty successful with this.

Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation at 215-625-9600 or you can fill in the contact form on our contact page and we will call you back and answer any questions that you may have.

One final note is that we can file a Chapter 13 case with most of the legal fees included in the Chapter 13 plan.