What is an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing?

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emergency bankruptcy filingWhile some people have enough time to consider the pros and cons of bankruptcy, knowing they want to make the best possible decision, others are “under the gun.”

If you want to file in a hurry, such as to take advantage of an automatic stay, you cannot afford to delay any longer. Instead, you need to learn more about the emergency bankruptcy filing process.

To get started, you must file the following:

  • Form 1 – Voluntary Petition
  • Form 21 – Statement of Social Security Number
  • Mailing Matrix

Note: some courts need additional information, so make sure you know what is required of you from the start.

Don’t Forget the Other Forms

Just because you file the forms above to start an emergency bankruptcy filing does not mean you can ignore everything else that is required of you. You have 14 days to file the rest of the forms. If you neglect to do so, your case will be dismissed and you will find yourself back at square one.

Why Opt for an Emergency Bankruptcy?

The primary reason for this is to get the protection of the automatic stay. For example, if your home is being foreclosed on, you need this to stop your lender from continuing forward. By filing in a hurry, you may buy yourself enough time to save your home.

An emergency bankruptcy filing will move forward quickly. One day you are in the same position you are familiar with, but the next you are submitting the forms necessary to begin the process.

With so many forms to file, questions to answer, and challenges to overcome, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. Don’t let these feelings scare you away from filing. Instead, opt for the assistance of a professional.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a hurry or can afford to take your time, we are here to provide you with professional guidance every step of the way.

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