Have you been searching for a Philadelphia debt relief lawyer? Someone who can help you get a handle on the overwhelming debt that seems to consume your life? If so, The Law Offices of David M. Offen is the Philadelphia bankruptcy law firm for you. Not everyone needs bankruptcy. Some people just need help with debt relief or debt settlements. I can help with this, as I’m not just a Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer — I’m also dedicated to helping all of my clients with alternatives to bankruptcy when needed.

Debt Relief Lawyer in Philadelphia PA

In a debt settlement, the creditor has to agree to accept the amount you offer to pay as full payment on the account. It is paying off your debt for less than is really owed. This works best if you can come up with the full amount of the settlement immediately. Most creditors will only accept a debt settlement if they believe the debt will never get paid. Getting some of the money that is owed is better than getting nothing.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Philadelphia PA

If you feel that bankruptcy might be the better option for you, then simply speak with a bankruptcy law firm in Philadelphia PA. There are different types of bankruptcy available. Some  allow you to keep all of your assets and still discharge your debts. There are many benefits to filing bankruptcy, including:

  • Stopping bill collectors
  • Stopping home foreclosure and sheriff sales
  • Stopping auto repossessions and lawsuits
  • Stopping bank account levies and wage garnishments
  • Stopping IRS tax seizures.

There are some types of debts that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, including student loans, some tax bills and more. An experienced Philadelphia debt relief lawyer, such as attorney David M. Offen, can help you understand your options.

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