Let’s start talking! With Philadelphia bankruptcy negotiations it is possible to agree with your debt collectors on a lump sum payment or a payment arrangement that accommodates your income. The Law Offices of David M. Offen have been handling bankruptcy debt settlements in Philadelphia PA for more than 20 years. Financial law is our focus and helping those in need is our passion.

Is Negotiation Right for You?

Many who are haunted by debt collectors think the only way to free themselves is by filing for bankruptcy. There is a chance you could qualify for Philadelphia debt settlement negotiations, an effective strategy to wipe away a substantial amount of debt.

  • Use the Law to Your Benefit – As part of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the Pennsylvania Bar Association we have the legal understanding of bankruptcy negotiations in Philadelphia PA to find your favor within the laws.
  • Take Each Step Calmly and Securely – It is important not to make irrational decisions when seeking Philadelphia bankruptcy debt settlements. We help you understand your options and guide you through each step to avoid the confusion debt collectors throw at you.
  • Make Sure Everything Is in Writing – We make sure every part of the Philadelphia bankruptcy negotiations is written and accounted for. Your debt collectors won’t be able to come after you later on for the same debts, and you may be able to settle your debts without filing bankruptcy.

Start Your Debt Negotiation Today

There is no need to struggle with your debt payments any longer with Philadelphia bankruptcy negotiations as a reliable method of debt relief. Successful bankruptcy debt settlements in Philadelphia PA are all about timing and experience. The Law Offices of David M. Offen have the experience that you want in a law team that will fight for you. Call and schedule an appointment with our office today.  Get the right answers to your situation now.