You don’t want filing for bankruptcy to seriously set you back in life, which is why you need to know how to get Philadelphia auto loans after Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy should be a positive step forward. It should be something that helps you put financial mistakes in the past and take responsible steps toward a bright future. If you’re worried about ruining your financial options going forward, you’ll be glad to know that there are ways to get Philadelphia loans after bankruptcy.

A More Attractive Borrower

In fact, it can sometimes be far easier to get Philadelphia auto loans after Chapter 7 bankruptcy because you’re more attractive to the banks, not less. Remember, you’re not filing for bankruptcy casually. You’re doing it because:

  • Your debt is higher than you can realistically pay off.
  • Your income levels are too low – perhaps because of a change in your employment situation.
  • You’ve been missing payments repeatedly.
  • Creditors are starting to harass you.

When you apply for Philadelphia loans after bankruptcy, the bank gets a candidate who does not have any debt. They get a candidate who isn’t missing monthly payments. They get someone who has been given a fresh start. Yes, you do have the bankruptcy on your record, and that does impact your credit score, but you can still get loans after a Philadelphia bankruptcy. You can even use them to repair your credit score over time.

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