No. After you file for Bankruptcy, The Automatic Stay provided for under Title 11 which is the Bankruptcy Code prohibits creditors from contacting you.

Creditors are notified that you have filed for bankruptcy protection.

It is illegal to call you, contact you or harass you after you have filed for bankruptcy protection. Creditors are prohibited by law from contacting or calling you under the threat of penalties, fines and sanctions.

If a creditor continues to contact you after becoming aware of the bankruptcy, your attorney can file a motion asking for sanctions against the creditor for violating the bankruptcy stay. If the Court finds that the creditor acted improperly in violating the automatic stay, it can impose substantial penalties on the creditor and order that monies be paid to the debtor for the violation of the automatic stay.

The automatic stay is so powerful that even taxing authorities such as the Internal Revenue Service, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia are all subject to the provisions of automatic stay.