Our experience over the years has been that creditors rarely show up for creditor meetings since they do not usually expect to get a lot out of attending the meeting. The can ask you questions however most of their questions have already been answered in the Bankruptcy Petition which you will be asked to verify is true and correct.

The cases in which we have noticed that creditors show up for the meeting is usually when the debtor is accused of wrongdoing such as taking out a loan and immediately rushing to file for bankruptcy relief a week after taking out the loan.

The Internal Revenue Service has been known to attend meetings in cases where our client has not filed his or her tax returns and the Internal Revenue Service wants to know when the returns will be filed. This only applies to a person who is required to file a meeting since the Meeting will typically not be held if you have not been filing your tax returns.

This is not something to be scared of or frightened of. In fact we have had clients whom we have told not to worry when attending the hearings – and they have said they were scared and realized afterwards that they should have listened to us and not worried at all. Just answer the questions truthfully.