Yes. A Chapter 13 Plan is just that. A plan. Most Chapter 13 Plans filed in Pennsylvania will need to be changed in order to match the amount of claims that were filed. At the beginning of a case it is very difficult to predict the exact amount of priority, secured and unsecured claims that will be filed in your case. A good bankruptcy attorney can have a pretty good idea of the claims that are expected based on what on what you tell him or her but it is very difficult to have an exact amount.

For example you may be listing that you owe too much in priority taxes and are proposing to pay back more than you owe. Or you may tell your lawyer that you are in arrears on your mortgage by $8,000 when in reality you are back on the mortgage in the amount of $10,000.
To account for the difference your lawyer can file an A new 13 Plan which either increases or decreases the amount of your plan payments. If you change the plan before the case is approved by the Bankruptcy Court you are filing what is called an Amended Plan. You do not need the Court’s permission to file an Amended Plan.

If your case has already been approved and you want to change the plan, a Motion to Modify the plan is filed with the Court. Typical examples of cases in which you may want to file for a change in payments after the case is approved include cases in which the mortgage company gives you a loan modification when your new mortgage includes all of the amounts that you are behind on the mortgage.

Another example of a case where you may want to do to file a Modified Plan is where you are paying off an automobile through the bankruptcy plan and the car is damaged in an accident and no longer driveable. Another situation involves where your case was filed with you earning a very large income and you have lost the job or source of income and wish to reduce your payments.

The exact circumstances of your case need to be discussed with your attorney because what makes sense for one person’s case may not be the right decision for another person’s case.