Yes. You must list all of your creditors when you file for bankruptcy protection. Many people come into us and say they want to list all their creditors, except one . For example, you have an account with the credit union. They say the credit union has been really good to them so they want to leave the credit union off and not list the credit union in the bankruptcy filing. We answer that you are not free to pick and choose which creditors you want to list and which creditors you want to leave off.

You must list all creditors in the Bankruptcy. This is because all creditors in the same category or class are supposed to be treated in the same manner. By failing to list one of your creditors, you are discriminating against your other creditors since you are trying to play favorites by paying one back and not paying back the others. However, when you file Bankruptcy and once you have received your bankruptcy discharge, you are allowed to voluntarily pay back any debt that you owed. This is permitted even though the creditor is not allowed to sue you or ever attempt to get you to repay the debt.

If you intentionally leave off a creditor the bankruptcy court could potentially hold it against you.
That is why in addition to all information that we are supplied we always order a credit report for every bankruptcy client that we help. The fact is that most people do not remember everyone that to whom they owe money or have a debt.