In general, there is no standard requirement for filing for Bankruptcy. You need to reside in the district where you file but you can also file where you have a business and in certain other circumstances. Most individuals and couples can qualify to file a Bankruptcy but the type of Bankruptcy you are eligible to file will depend on your individual circumstances. We can advise you if Bankruptcy is the best solution in your case and if so which type of Bankruptcy would be most beneficial to you.

We look at the types of debt you have, the amount of income you have earned over the last six months and the income you are expected to earn in the future. We also look at the amount of assets that you own. This information helps us to determine the type of bankruptcy that should get you the best results in your case.

If you have previously filed a Bankruptcy, there may be certain eligibility requirements but it is definitely possible for you to file for bankruptcy more than one time.