Absolutely. The fact that you have filed bankruptcy one time does not mean you are not allowed to file a second case. It would be nice if bankruptcy guaranteed that you would have no problems in the future, and that you would only need one second chance, but life is full of unexpected surprises. Even people who have needed to bankruptcy in the past can encounter unanticipated financial problems, and may need to seek Court protection again.

The General rule is that you can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection once every eight years.
The rules for Chapter 13 depend on the circumstances. For example, if you have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and received a discharge, you can still file for Chapter 13 protection two years later to stop a foreclosure or an auto repossession. You can then use the Chapter 13 filing to catch up what you are behind on the mortgage or automobile. The purpose of filing bankruptcy is to help the person or couple get out of difficult financial circumstances, so Congress and the Courts have given people leeway to help the person get out of debt and improve his or her life.

The Law Offices of David M. Offen have helped hundreds of individuals and families who have already filed for bankruptcy protection once, twice or have even filed three previous bankruptcy cases and have been able to help them again. You have these rights under the law and we can help you by taking action to protect your bankruptcy rights.

The fact that you have received bankruptcy protection before doesn’t mean that the bankruptcy protection should not be available to people who once again find themselves in a financial crisis
That is why the laws in the United States permit you to file bankruptcy again even if you have previously filed for bankruptcy.