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Dear David,

Thanks for all you did in saving my home! It was a trying 5 years but no matter what you were there for me. If you need a lawyer David is it!


Bankruptcy is Your Constitutional Right!

  • Do you hate answering the phone?
  • Do you have too many bills?
  • Are you receiving annoying telephone calls from bill collectors at home and at work?
  • Do you have too many bills?
  • Do your credit card balances never seem to get smaller?
  • Do you find that your creditors are not working with you?
  • Are you afraid that your wages will be garnished?
  • Are you being sued because of unpaid bills that you are unable to pay?
  • Are you afraid of losing your home to foreclosure?
  • Are you behind on your car payments?
  • Are you afraid of having your car or vehicle repossessed?
  • Are you so much in debt that your have no reasonable hope of ever catching up with your bills?
  • Are you worrying about your financial future? Are your unpaid debts interfering with your work, your sleep, your marriage or your personal life ?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then the Philadelphia Bankruptcy Law Firm of David M. Offen is prepared to help you. My Law Office practices Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law and can offer you debt relief and immediate help and protection. Stop living a life of stress and worry.


  • ✓ Bill Collectors 
  • ✓ Home Foreclosure 
  • ✓ Sheriff Sales 
  • ✓ Auto Repossession 
  • ✓ Lawsuits 
  • ✓ I.R.S. Seizures 
  • ✓ Utility Shutoffs 
  • ✓ Bank Account Levies 
  • ✓ Wage Garnishments 
  • ✓ License Suspensions 


  • ✓ Credit Card Debts 
  • ✓ Personal Loans 
  • ✓ Payday Loans 
  • ✓ Medical Bills 
  • ✓ Utility Bills 
  • ✓ Judgments 


  • ✓ Your Home 
  • ✓ Your Vehicle 
  • ✓ Your Wages 
  • ✓ Your Furniture 
  • ✓ All your property 

Philadelphia Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy Laws are designed to help people get a fresh start. People encounter financial problems as a result of many different circumstances including divorce or separation, family problems, illness, loss of income, injury, job loss, failed business, medical problems, disability, death of a family member, gambling problems, unexpected expenses or out of control credit card debt, high interest rates, mismanagement of funds or other reasons. When good people have financial problems, they owe it to themselves to consider bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an honest solution to your financial problems.

David M. Offen – Attorney Profile

practiced for over 20 years and has helped over 8500 people

A native to the Philadelphia area, Mr. Offen attended Temple University College and Law School. Mr. Offen is licensed to practice in the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is a member of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Conference and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. He's practiced for over 20 years and has helped over 8500 people... Read More

What Our Clients Say

“Mr.Offen released us from tremendous everyday worries. We were struggling to pay our mortgage and the rising cost of utilities bills. We came to David hoping to find peace of mind. He gave us hope and we’re finally able to stop worrying about all our debts. We are so thankful for all of his help and expertise. He turned a difficult time in our lives into a shining moment.

Thank you, Mr.Offen”.


Bankruptcy Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

For over 20 years, David M. Offen has found solutions to client’s financial problems. The Law Offices of David M. Offen provides personal service and has helped over 8500 clients obtain a fresh start. Bankruptcy provides debt relief and lets you enjoy life once again. Take action today! Contact us now to schedule a free consultation. There are also Non-Bankruptcy options available and we can advise what is the best move for you to make right now. You'll be glad you did.

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Put Our Years of Bankruptcy Experience On Your Side

Don’t file for bankruptcy without consulting us. There is a lot of misinformation out there on filing bankruptcy. Get straight and accurate bankruptcy information from an experienced, caring and compassionate lawyer and attorney who will answer all the questions you may have. You will find that our office is very friendly. We address any concerns you may have about filing for bankruptcy. We know you will find answers to your questions and you will walk out feeling better than when you walked in.

The U.S. Congress has declared our office to be a debt relief agency. We proudly help file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

The advice is free, the consultation is priceless.

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